The ideacommunicated brilliantlywas that for the young guy at work this would be the perfect incognito way to shop. Sure, the spreadsheet was full of calls to action and promotional messaging, the packaging of these messages was so creative and aligned so strongly with the brands purpose (to make it easy and fun for young urban professionals to shop) that the promotion was. Refinery29 is Entirely content-Driven, even more so than Bonobos, refinery29 is a pure hybrid of content and commerce They occupy some middle ground between magazine, curator and ecommerce and whatever it is theyre doing is working perfectly. Just like bonobos, their story is simple. They believe that great fashion is something everyone should enjoy, but that the old fashion guard was stodgy, non-inclusive and didnt speak to the millennial generation in a way they understood. Refinery29 started with this purpose and then began building their brand with content that fit this story.

If you can market your business based on helping other companies and individuals you are much more likely to be successful compared to if you just marketed based on monetary reasons. For example, marketing by creating content that educates is a great way to help other people and generate signups at the same time. The essence of Patels advice (a core idea that has proven itself in driving his own massive success) is that really great content marketing doesnt just communicate a marketing message, it reinforces that key beliefthe brand purpose through the value the content itself delivers. In other words, not only does purpose enhance content marketing, but great content marketing will in turn solidify your purpose and build your brand. Below are three examples of brands succeeding at content marketing by embracing this principle. Bonobos Entertains as it Promotes, bonobos boek is one of the fastest growing e-commerce fashion brands and they have blurred the lines between e-commerce and content creation. The story they tell is that they believe that shopping is a pain for young professional guys and that it should be fun, easy and you should still look great and shop smart. Every asset they produce, whether its promotional or not aligns with this fundamentally simple story. While bonobos is actually fairly reliant on promotional messaging, their approach is so refreshing and generous (and aligns so strongly with their brand purpose) that it rarely feels like promotion at all. One example that made waves through the digital marketing world earlier this year was a seemingly regular email with the curious subject line vlookup(Your boss is behind you). Attached to this otherwise normal looking email was a spreadsheet that opened to reveal a full Bonobos shopping experience executed entirely in a seemingly banal looking Excel format.

In this sense, content and purpose are uniquely symbiotic with one another. Content helps communicate purpose and purpose helps drive content creation, strategy and implementation. This exact sentiment is expressed powerfully by digital marketing legend. When i asked him for his thoughts on why purpose is crucial for content marketing, this is how he responded: It is very important to have purpose behind your marketing efforts. brand purpose
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Since their message (we want to make design accessible) is so clear, their story remains consistent regardless of what strategic or tactical choices they make with their content. Purpose Trickles Down, often times you see companies or organizations that are just starting out with social or content marketing and they quickly get very frustrated by their lack of results. And this is not for lack of effort either. Typically, the small business owner might have read up on all the tactical advice she could get her hands and maybe even started delving into strategic elements, yet is still struggling to make an impact with their efforts. Even if you know that a 100-character tweet sent out on a wednesday at 3:00 is ideal it still wont mean that you have anything to actually fill those 100 characters with. And what ends up happening more often than not is that when in doubt businesses tend to simply promote themselves. Content marketing is almost never good at purely promoting your product or service. Youve got to earn that right to promote and typically the way you do that is by providing value based off of consumer insights. Purpose is one of the most surefire ways to make sure that you consistently have great content that all aligns schoonfamilie to a specific story. In other words, purpose will fuel strategy which will then be improved via tactics.

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This purposeful element is a crucial component of any cohesive and effective content marketing effort. Purpose Provides Direction, as ive gone over countless times, the organizations that create truly compelling brands are the ones that have a clear set of beliefs that fuel their decision-making. In a few other articles ive argued the importance of starting with brandend why, as highlighted. Simon Sineks Golden Circle methodology. It just so happens that the hierarchy of purpose then strategy then tactics aligns perfectly to the golden Circle framework. In much the same way that purpose driven organizations can shift nimbly between various products and processes, purpose-driven content efforts can embrace a varied and complicated set of strategies and still remain cogent. Not only do purpose-driven organizations tell powerful stories, but these stories tend to fit naturally together when they all fall along the same general lines. Previously, i mentioned how the online design-tool Canva has built a sophisticated yet coherent content strategy by being purpose driven. Despite the fact that their content mix is fairly diverse, the broad mix works.

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Nearly all content marketing advice is broken out into one of two trains of thought. First there is the tactical advice. These are things like best practices, optimization and anything else that deals with improvements at the micro-level. Zooming out one step is strategic advice. These are the considerations that help to guide and organize our tactics. They deal more with things like how content marketing can be used to build your online presence and seo. Both of these are important and rely on each other, but there is a missing third category that is rarely considered when talking about content marketing success. Beyond strategy and tactics, it is necessary to have a clear purpose that informs all of your content decisions.

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Get the, sheetrock brand. Pre-mixed joint Compound 380270,. Is an all- purpose joint compound that is ready-mixed to save you time on the job at The home depot. Baker creates employer and corporate brands to help companies win talent in their marketplace. Brand loyalty is defined as positive feelings towards a brand ontlasting and dedication to purchase the same product or service repeatedly now and in the future from the same brand, regardless of a competitors actions or changes in the environment. Biotrue multi- purpose solution works like your eyes with the same lubricant they have naturally and the same pH as healthy tears. Delivering Happiness - home delivering happiness, book, happiness, delivering, at work, zappos, tony Hsieh, business, corporate culture, entrepreneur. Were a brand consultancy that helps emerging and evolving companies hone their values and vision to strengthen their brand.

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